Where is the cheapest and safest place to live in Tijuana?

bcabrales asked:

This would be for a family of four…me, my daughters 3&5 (American) and my husband (Mexican citizen). I will be crossing the boarder to work in San diego.
Please dont tell me how unsafe it is or ask me why I want to live in TJ. My husband cant come to the US yet. Please just answer the question.

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8 Responses to “Where is the cheapest and safest place to live in Tijuana?”

  1. anothermauri says:

    Have you ever been there? I don’t think there is a safe place in Tijuana. Why don’t you live in San Diego?

  2. Mack says:

    The safest place to live in Tijuana is Playas de Tijuana. There is a construction boom as well, with many new complexes being built.

    If you want cheapest, you could live in the Zona Norte, however, this is not really the safest.

  3. maivelin_4 says:

    You should live in Playas de Tijuana. It’s a calm place to live in. It’s a residencial place so you won’t have traffic problems for living here (maybe only at the entrance of Playas for about 5-10 minutes).

    In Playas you have movietheathers, markets, boutiques, nice restaurants. In Playas lives lot of americans. I live in Playas so i can tell it is safe. Of course there might be some “bad people around” but you don’t see them frequently. Here they are also good private schools. Most of them teach english and there are a couple that have “all in english” programs. So it could be a good choice for your daughters.

    You should come and look at it. Rent might be cheap dependendig the size of the house and the location.

    Good luck!

  4. saul h says:

    Safe? Theres no pace safe in tij…sorry! But the rents are cheap! 300-600! My girlfriend lives by Otay…its alright..go see her every weekend! That will probably be a good palce for u since u are going to cross over and go to work,,,its about 5-10 minutes from there! any more questions be free to e-mail me

  5. Salvatrucho says:

    Zona Rio there are mostly no problems there and heavily patrolled. I strongly recommend you do not take your car and be extremely careful of police officers they are the real thieves. Also Zona Rio is the commercial area of Tijuana there are a lot of high priced stores it is moderately safe there. If you need to live there I recommend you head down to Puerto Nuevo more peaceful as well. Be careful REMEMBER NO CAR! Oh and take the red taxis called taxi libres they’re cheaper and more trustworthy. They’re on your right as soon as you enter the border. NO YELLOW TAXIS they’re crooks too.

  6. LJ H says:

    i would say zona rio, its expensive but its worth it, pluss i love tj, look the people that say tj suck its becuse there wimps, you can get away with anything if your smart, you can run a red light, skip the stop sighs, brive all the cops, party in your house all night with anybody callling the cops, there only one thing TJ folks hate and thats US citizen cumming to live to mexico so please no more US citizens in mexico your complaning about mexicans crossing the border, well mexicans dont whant pochos in tijuana,,,but i cool with you comming here,,bye

  7. GIRLYLIFE says:

    las playas but its kind of alittle tiny bit expensive but just try looking for a house or someome that rents you a room or something.

  8. In Eric “El Terrible” Morales casa or at a local church.

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