I want to go to Tijuana, what should I do while I am there?

Jimmy asked:

I’ve never been and would like to have some fun. I do speak the language, but I don’t drink. So, please don’t tell me about the bars or tequila.

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4 Responses to “I want to go to Tijuana, what should I do while I am there?”

  1. embeddeddog says:

    You don’t drink? I dunno, watch other people drink.
    Take peyote. Bet on a cockfight.

  2. valgal210 says:

    WHOO! They have a lot of great taco shops. Make sure you go to nice looking ones, because sometimes the cheaper ones use meat from gross things, not cows. They have a ton of shops to go shopping at, and an hour or two away there are beautiful beaches. They also have a lot of great night clubs to go dancing at, you dont necessarily have to drink.

  3. First rule, DONT go to Revolution Blvd. This is so gettho. Go to Zona Rio/Paseo de los heroes. This part of the city has nice restaurants and shops. Here you can go to Plaza Rio which is a shopping mall with stores, restaurants, movie theathers (very cheap: $4.50).If you are interested in night clubs visit this website for updated clubs in the area. and this one also. At night also stay at this locations for fun and more safety and where you will see the locals. A lot of people have bad experiences but they also need to take control of their drinking. If you are staying for longer than a day you can go south of Tijuana, and visit Rosarito, Puerto Nuevo and Ensenada. Here you will enjoy good sea food,nice scenery and Mexican Curious. The longest drive is if you go to Ensenada (like 45 min.) The roads are safe, with road safety personnel just take the “cuota” roads wich has toll fees at about $4.50 USDollars each way you pass by.Also Tecate is a small but nice little town that you can visit.
    Be safe and hopefully this will be helpful

  4. Patito says:

    I imagine that you are going to Tijuana to the Revolution Ave., that street is made for tourists filled with bars for tourists who want to get drunk, so it doesn’t have the best restaurants nor hotel or motels. But it has a lot of places to buy souvenirs and mexican handcrafts. So its a goodplace to buy things.

    But I want to suggest the following, since you don’t drink (congrats!), here are your choices.

    You need to go to the Zona Rio, well known by taxi drivers and also you can get there walking if you are up to it.

    A good place to stay near the border could be Pueblo Amigo Hotel.
    In Zona Rio (about 5 minutes from the border by car 15 walking) also, at the zona rio you could stay at the Hacienda del Rio Motel or Real del Rio Hotel.
    Depending on your budget, you can stay at the “Camino Real” or “Lucerna” hotels (more expensive).

    At the zona rio you will find the Tijuana’s Cultural Center or Cecut as locals call it, it has a museum, a theater and an IMAX movie theater where you can see, among other things, a movie about Mexico.

    Also, at the Plaza Rio Tijuana, there are a variety of stores and movie theaters and the VIP theaters, where you can enjoy a good movie (its always full of people but its worth a shot).

    I recommend the following local favorites to eat:
    La Espadaña (Mexican cuisine)
    La casa del mole (Mexican food, “mole” is the specialty, but the menu is full of other choices)
    Cien años (mexican cuisine)
    Cantina Los Remedios (mexican and international food, on the weekends its full at night, great place to party with locals and have Mariachi music.)
    Villa Saverio’s (Italian cuisine)
    “Los Arcos” or “El Faro” for sea food.
    If you want to eat tacos you can go to “La Especial” (located in Revolution Ave), this is a restaurant.
    But the best tacos are in the little shops in the sidewalk, some are better than others, Tacos El Gordo in Zona Rio (near the Tijuana Cultural Center) is one of the favorites.
    Tacos San Cosme in Blvd. Agua Caliente (they have fresh fruit beverages that are traditional in Tj and its a little restaurant so you can sit down to eat).
    Another place you can get great tacos or meat is in the Asadero Sonora at Zona Rio, they cook Sonora style.

    In Revolution Ave. you can go to Caesar’s Palace (where the Caesar Salad was invented).

    If you like Sushi, you can eat at which ever restaurant you cross paths with, they are all great.

    Hope you have a great time and enjoy the great restaurants, Tijuana is full of them, but tourists rarely visit them since they are not located in the Revolution Ave

    Also Tijuana is full of coffe houses where you can have a nice cup of coffe and chat.
    There are some coffee houses that have singers on weekends, like La Casa de la Trova, This bohemian bar features beautiful “trova” music, providing you with the ideal atmosphere for good conversation. La Casa de la Trova is a good choice of venue for a romantic evening out in Tijuana. Or For jazz or trova (singer/songwriter balladeers), check out Antigua Bodega de Papel in downtown.

    Check this site:

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