Where is there a list of drugs I can buy in Tijuana?

Mike SIU asked:

Looking for percocet, valium, oxycotin ect.

The good stuff.
“check with the police”

At first I was upset with your sarcastic response, but this is not altogether a bad idea.

However I’m looking for some information on the internet about which drugs are legally sold at pharmacies in mexico. I know they sell lots of things over the counter that would require a prescription here in the United States.

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7 Responses to “Where is there a list of drugs I can buy in Tijuana?”

  1. burten e says:

    check with the tijuana police

  2. You can basically buy a lot of different prescription drugs anywhere in Mexico. The problem is, getting them accross the border. You have to have a written prescription from a doctor in Mexico so that you can take them accross the border. I wouldn’t recommend trying. You can go to the doctor while you are in Mexico and ask him for some, and he or she might write you a prescription. You will have to pay a consultant fee of course.

  3. honhill says:

    I have purchased many prescription drugs in Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo (bordering Texas). THe other answerer was incorrect in saying that getting them across the border is a problem. It is not! Mexican pharmacists have a Mexican doctor who just writes you out a prescription without even seeing you (he is usually in a back room), and you keep the prescription with you and your purchased medication. US LAW ALLOWS FOR THE IMPORT OF A REASONABLE AMOUNT OF MEDICATION FOR ONE PERSON TO LAST APPROX. 3 MONTHS. That is how the old folks get their meds across the borders from Mexico and Canada. I have taken Percocet, Valium, Xanax, and Viagra for my husband across the border. I had my Mexican prescription for each in my purse. Since I am a U.S. citizen (and probably helpfully, by birth), I am never even questioned. You will be fine. The prescription drug trade is booming. I have NEVER known anyone to have a problem. Just don’t go buy a year’s worth of the same medication just in the very unlikely event you were detained or something (that is VERY unlikely, especially if you are a US citizen and just visiting a border town). P.S. The “doctor’s fee” for writing the prescription is included in the price of the prescription. It is a total joke that the Mexican gov. even requires a prescription, but save them, like I said. You can’t get in trouble for getting medical advice and medication in another country. Again, just make sure you are bringing back what would be considered a reasonable amount for one person (like a three month supply of each drug).

  4. sailornyanko says:

    It’s illegal to sell morphine in Mexico without a prescription. However a much stronger opiate called Phentanil can be legally bought with no prescription. Ketamine can also be easily obtainable.

    As for doctors giving away prescriptions like candycanes, mmm.. not exactly. 99% of the times, the people that work at a pharmacy are high school graduates that don’t really have much of a clue which medicine is which. I once had a curious encounter at a small generics pharmacy where the guy was looking at a book for 20 minutes wondering whether Amoxicillin is a type of Penicillin despite me telling him repeatedly so. Pharmacists with university degrees wouldn’t bother wasting their time with such a low paid job, they are working in the factories doing research or organizing clinical trials.

    It’s more probable the “doctor in the back” is in a Dr. Simi pharmacy which every half smart doctor in Mexico knows is a sugar coated scam aimed to grab money from poor people. Dr. Simi “similar” drugs (poking fun at generics) in the best case are pills with really low doses of the real drug. In other cases it’s just a mix of nonsense with god only knows what effect. No real doctor in their sane mind would work in such a shack, but a 1 dollar for a medical consultation is irresistible for the ignorant.

    As for taking Valium for non medical purposes, the pills are highly addictive and cause sleep deprivation in an ironic twist of fate by depriving you of REM sleep. You end up dependant on them to “sleep” but you can’t sleep and if you quit them quickly you can get pretty damn sick.

    Opiates are dangerous stuff to be taking lightly. For one they are more addictive than nicotine (which is saying much about their potency) and cause in the best of cases chronic constipation. You’ll be the judge whether you wish to risk living the rest of your life with a colostomy bag from an untreated toxic megacolon.

  5. br says:

    I am in the same boat with you…heading to Cancun in 2 weeks and trying to figure out what I can and can’t get without going to jail.

  6. truekdc says:

    I was able to purchase everything with no hassles.

  7. lpaganus says:

    Many are posted on the front windows of farmacias. Bring your presciptions. If you are thinking of buying any of the drugs you mentioned in any kind of quantity, you may come home with a bag full of placebos. Don’t be dumb,Mexican pharmacists aren’t.

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