Tijuana Prostitute

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  1. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    shit you are paying only $60. you can’t expect $500 high class chics like the gov. of new york.

  2. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    sorry but Adelitas was the worst ive ever seen it, not 1 i girl wanted in the place..TJ is sucking big right now for good looking girls..

  3. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    the bad econ is bad for the girls. just goto adelitas bar still has hot chicas for $60. even chicago club aross the street is pretty dead in there. it used to be the hottest spot a few yrs back.

  4. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    Right on dude ….Best advice…..Don’t get the locals that speak english to “show you around”…Never a good idea…I was in the red zone some years ago and saw some american guys get robbed by the police while the “tour guide” watched…

  5. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    Just a quick update about this area in general, I was down last friday all day and night, and the girls were weak at best, seems lots of the good looking ones have either went on vacation or decided not enough business and went somewhere else. It was very hard to find even 1 decent girl… worst i have seen it..

  6. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    i been there its revlocion street 20 buck get you guys some boom boom trust me there is some very nice lovely young ones room is 3 buck when i was there been all of this before if you fellow gentleman likes prositute try going to pattaya in thailand more better ones full boom boom and a yum yum suckie suckie

  7. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    so thats why she had such a deep voice huh ?

  8. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    let’s go Tijuana!

  9. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    its call.. adelitas!! there are really nice girls..

  10. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    I never did. If you’ve never been, go with someone who knows their way around.I never drink when I’m there either, except for bottled “agua”. Get fucked and get out is my advice.

  11. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    TJ is safe, just dont go late at night, biggest prob is the girls will lie to you to get that first $20 and then want more for every little thing, and the hotels are a rip off in that area as they give you maybe 15 to 20 mins then knock on the door.. only way to learn the ropes is to spend some money nad learn fast or go broke..

  12. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    is it still dangerous to go down there alone?

  13. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    The Chicago Club doesn’t get going until very late. Andelitas is the place for an afternoon fuck

  14. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    and don’t forget to bring your own condoms

  15. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    tijuana makes me happy

  16. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    you guys know that one dollar corona bar thats next to club safari, before they closed it.. well the bouncer of that bar told me half the workers at adelitas are guys who chopped their dicks off.. so watch out.. eeew!

  17. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    I wouldn’t case any troble, because those Federales come around with those Finnish full auto weapons they won’t play

  18. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    there isn’t any girl you can’t get in Adelita’s for $40. Chicago Club about the same.

  19. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    The other day i went over to TJ, i usually go to Adelitas, but didnt have a lot of money, so i found a cute street girl on the north alley. $20 bucks.. so i was fucking her with a condom of course and when i was ready i pulled out, and pulled it off and BAMM all over her tummy… She smiled and rubbed it in all over her self and her tits, then got dressed!! no cleanup!! I was thinking.. damm i hope the next guy dont kiss on her body or suck on her tits.. Yikes! No more steet girls for me…

  20. Tijuana Prostitute says:


  21. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    Tijuana is a horrible place, i’ll never go back there. It’s by far the worst city i’ve ever been to.

  22. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    i remember going through this place by accident the other day…lol

  23. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    that may get you 5 extra mins.. best to just pay $20 and have the room all night..

  24. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    Its best to just pay $20 for the night and the hotel next to Adelitas, then you can come and go as you please, and bring as many as you like.. The best girls are at Adelitas 40-60 bucks, and no games..

  25. Tijuana Prostitute says:

    Guys a little FYI , before you go in the hotel room , give the cashier clerk a little extra tip that way he gives you more time in the room 🙂

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