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  1. Massage In Tijuana says:

    Could these fillings cause symptoms similar to bipolar or depressive psychosis maybe?

  2. Massage In Tijuana says:

    What do you mean can I believe it, I lived it for 40 years. In the early 1900s Dentists were brainwashed into thinking mercury was safe. We still have it because Corporations and Gov’t doesn’t want us to find out they poisoned us, it would cost them too much. But, many mercury-free offices have sprung up here, so eventually mercury will not be used. Insurance doesn’t have the power. There are ways around it if you have mercury fillings and if you don’t, just pay for it yourself.

  3. Massage In Tijuana says:

    Dentists in US are forced to place amalgam filling because most insurances don’t pay for composites on molars. Some don’t pay for lingual anterior composites. Can you believe it? Insurance has all the power-they ARE the government.

  4. Massage In Tijuana says:

    It is obvious you are a dentist or dental student. mainstream dentists are not trained in biologic dentistry and have no concept of it. to go to one is dangerous to your health. we clean up their mess every day.

  5. Massage In Tijuana says:

    The abutment has to be metal as far as I know. The crown is of course ceramic.

  6. Massage In Tijuana says:

    You wouldn’t even want titanium implants. That is putting it near the brain where it can interfere with brain waves. Ceramic made with Zirconia is the latest. They do not last a lifetime. It depends on how good your immune system is as to how long they last. But, like breast implants, and any other implant, they pull away from the body over time, or rather, the body encapsulates them. It is a protective measure the body does in order to not have foreign matter circulate in the bloodstream

  7. Massage In Tijuana says:

    My dentist says they last a life time-you might need to change the crown but the metal part should stay intact one the body accepts it.

  8. Massage In Tijuana says:

    No. Implants are a non-biologic procedure. The body will encapsulate them like any other foreign object you stick in your body. That is why they only last 20 years or less. They become loose over time because the body rejects them.

  9. Massage In Tijuana says:

    Well, if the tooth is decayed to the point of inevitalbe extraction, you can always get an implant. It takes months , but it’s worth it.

  10. Massage In Tijuana says:

    No. It is a good rule to always try to preserve the tooth structure and keep what teeth you can, but sometimes you have to lose them and there are many people doing just fine with a number of missing teeth. I am one of them. If the tooth is properly pulled by a biologic dentist and the periodontal ligament is removed and the cavitation properly cleaned, the bone will fill in. But, yes, if you have it done by a regular dentist, there can be many problems.

  11. Massage In Tijuana says:

    Preserving the tooth is very important, NEVER just pull them out. Once you have a missing tooth, all teeth in that area become unstable as there is more pressure on them. Only teeth you can extract are the wisdom ones. As for sensitivity, that is normal the first 2-3 weeks.

  12. Massage In Tijuana says:

    sealants are good in prevention! Composite fillings all the way!!! Gold inlays are not aesthetically pleasing….or natural i should say.good info though!

  13. Massage In Tijuana says:

    mercury has a 20 to 30 year shelf life in the brain. your dentist was always wrong. not only does it damage the brain and body, but it also eventually turns teeth into powder if you leave them in long enough. plus, cavities form underneath the fillings due to oxidation, corrosion and galvanization.

  14. Massage In Tijuana says:

    I had no fillings till I was 35. Now I have several. My dentists have always told me there was no problem with amalgam fillings. I’m 66, and I don’t think my brain has beed hurt that much but I might be rong. I nevur herd anethin about this till I alreddy had a bunch uv them. Iz I okay?

  15. Massage In Tijuana says:

    my condolences. have her read my website, the url is on my channel on the left side.

  16. Massage In Tijuana says:

    My sister just got silver fillings…. : (

  17. Massage In Tijuana says:

    white composites, or gold or poreclain onlays/inlays.

  18. Massage In Tijuana says:

    But what is the alternative choice? GOld?

  19. Massage In Tijuana says:

    This is great truth to know, I will spread the word about this.

  20. Massage In Tijuana says:

    mercury = death

  21. Massage In Tijuana says:

    Thank you for the response. It looks as though it was probably a deep cavity as it only showed up on an x-ray. However I feel he should have warned me beforehand if it was a deep cavity because I would have rather had the tooth pulled out than go through that experience. I have been sick during the night and still feel unwell today and i’m sure it is a result of that treatment yesterday. Anyway thank you very much for replying and for the information.

  22. Massage In Tijuana says:

    There are some fillings that are very deep making it nearly impossible to numb you completely. Some of those can still be filled and you will be fine later. It is hard to say if that is the case with you since I don’t know how deep yours was. There are other fillings that should not be filled because they are too close to the pulp chamber and can cause extreme pain. Most Dentists recognize this case from the x-ray and pull the tooth or do a root canal, the latter of which I do not recommend.

  23. Massage In Tijuana says:

    I had a white filling put in by my dentist today. I was given an injection to numb the area before drilling and yet the pain was so awful I burst into tears when I came out. My dentist said that it was painful because the cavity was right on the nerve of the tooth. Is he telling the truth ? or is it just that he never gave me enough of the painkilling injection or time to become numb before he started drilling ? (10mins). P.S. I have never experienced this pain when having a filling before .

  24. Massage In Tijuana says:

    That’s what a lot of people think. Quite a few have over the last few years, but mainly because of the pressure from mercury activists. Many Dentists, however, are still using the mercury just as they always did and in the same amounts..1/2 or more mercury. I have sent thousands of mercury poisoned patients to the dentist over the last few years. Many were as sick as I was. I nearly died.

  25. Massage In Tijuana says:

    thanks for the video.I thought that the dentists have moved toward the epoxy type of filling.

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